A Message From SFI Foundation President Arnie Kuhns

I did not want to let any more time pass without saying how proud and honored I am that the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame have decided to include SFI Foundation Inc as the recipient of this year’s Lucas Oil Global Achievement Award.

Our Foundation has similar awards from many USA based sanctioning bodies but this represents the first from a non-domestic. The SFI Foundation is currently turning over the duties of SFI President to Jennifer Faye, Jen has been to Santa Pod many times and is very well versed with the requirements of International Drag Racing. She is even very active within the FIA Drag Racing Commission.

Jennifer Faye will be flying in to accept the Award on behalf of the SFI Foundation.

So in closing, thanks again for your fine honor and I trust you will have a good evening. Best of everything for the future.

Arnie Kuhns