Eric Teboul

Eric Teboul was born in 1962 in Clichy, a suburb of Paris. Little did his parents know at the time what their boy would achieve on two wheels. Eric’s first motorcycle was a 50cc moped that his parents bought him to ride to school when he was 14. When he turned 16 it was replaced […]

Rod & Anne Pallant

Rod started his involvement with drag racing in 1974 when he set up a Harley Davidson dealership. He saw an ex-Pete Grey Harley race bike advertised for sale by Jerry Mitchell, and the pair ended up running the bike together that same year. This would quickly be followed by the first twin-engined bike that Rod […]

Roger Gorringe

What turned Roger Gorringe onto Drag Racing occurred in 1965 when the film Bikini Beach was shown in his local cinema. The rather cringe-worthy movie showed just a few minutes of drag racing with glimpses of Don Garlits and Tommy Ivo. Roger was blown away and the experience impacted the rest of his life. He […]

Roy Wilding

In 2019 BDRHoF inducted member Peter Crane selected Wild Bunch and Supercharged Outlaw racer Roy Wilding as recipient of the ‘Spirit of ’76 Award’ for his unyielding dedication, outstanding achievements and contributions to the UK nostalgia drag racing scene. Peter wrote, ‘Roy Wilding has become one of today’s established and more well-known drivers from all […]


MEMBER OBITUARY NOTICE 23.3.2023 Member: “King Harold” Bull Inducted: 2010 We were very sorry to hear of the death of British Drag Racing Hall of Fame member “King Harold” Bull on Monday at the age of 98 following a fall. Harold’s daughter Jane Maloney wrote: “With huge sadness I have to say that my beloved […]

Brian Taylor: An Obituary

We were saddened to hear of the passing of former Santa Pod Raceway announcer, writer, and British Drag Racing Hall of Fame director Brian Taylor on Sunday. To fans in the 1970s, Brian was the Voice of Santa Pod. Brian’s career started in aviation technology until he switched to automotive marketing, working at John Woolfe […]


MEMBER OBITUARY NOTICE 24.2.2023 Member:  Nobby Hills Inducted:  2007 We were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of UK drag racing pioneer Nobby Hills, to natural causes last week aged 87. Norman “Nobby” Hills was one of the few surviving pioneers who had raced at the 1964 UK Drag Festivals. After visiting Silverstone to […]


MEMBER OBITUARY NOTICE 24.2.2023 Member:  John Bennett Inducted:  2009 We are very sad to announce the passing of British Drag Racing pioneer and Santa Pod Raceway founder  John Bennett  at the age of 92. John had been in hospital for about a month, suffering from pancreatic cancer but too weak for an operation to alleviate […]


MEMBER OBITUARY NOTICE 24.2.2023 Member:  Dennis Norman Inducted:  2014 Keith Lee writes: I am sad to pass on the news that Dennis Stormin’ Norman, one of the legendary characters of British drag bike racing, passed in hospital yesterday. Having suffered a fall, Den unfortunately succumbed to pneumonia in hospital. On track, Den was the first […]

Jim Read

Team Readspeed started in 1972 with Jim Read’s first foray into the world of drag racing, in a slingshot dragster called Auto Frog. Jim used to live on Frog Island, hence the name of the car. It wasn’t really an island, but the site of the family sawmill, Jim being a tree surgeon. Many of the […]