BDRHoF 2023 Auction Lot Descriptions

Lot 1 – NHRA Motorsports Museum Picnic Backpack

Everyone has a picnic now again whether it’s at a drag race or car show. You could stand out from the crowd with the official NHRA Museum Picnic Backpack. Comes with glasses, plates etc for two – in fact the usual items found in any picnic set although this one comes for the official NHRA Motorsports Museum logo.

Lot 2 – Hot Rod Dreams Book

HOT ROD DREAMS – Car Shows and Culture tells the sensational story of how indoor hot rod shows changed America and taught the world to love hot rods, customs and the people who built them. Written by Larry Erickson & David Boulé, and accompanied with a Foreword penned by ZZ Top’s Billy F Gibbons the publication features 350 photographs many of which have never been published before and comes signed by the co-writers.

Lot 3 – Signed, numbered and framed pencil print of Viveca Averstedt’s Valvoline Top Fuel Dragster

Produced in the early 90s by artist Tony Parsons this is one of two other pencil prints featuring the Valvoline Top Fuel Dragster of Sweden’s Vivica Averstedt, which was available through the Drag Racing Nuts stand at Santa Pod. This is the third of 200 prints produced, and is also signed by the artist.

Lot 4 – AMT 1:25th scale model kit of Don Garlits Wynns Charger

Rereleased over 10 years ago, this kit is a replica of the dragster Don Garlits raced at the Drag Festivals in 1964. Fully detailed, the model comes with transparent body panels should you want to be different and reveal the chassis or can be painted on the inside in that rich gloss black that made all of Garlits’ dragsters the most feared. The model comes with a display plinth as well as a detailed decal sheet carrying the famous US Tour Team logos. 

Lot 5 – Revell 1:25th scale model kit of Warren Johnson’s GMC Performance Parts Pro Stock Oldsmobile

It takes 109 pieces to build a detailed model of 1993 NHRA Pro Stock Champion Warren Johnson’s legendary Oldsmobile Cutlass which in real life, ran impressive times 7.027 seconds in the quarter mile and 196.24 mph.

Lot 6 – John Force Signed Blower Belt

Donated to the auction by international photojournalist Andy Willsheer, this genuine blower belt was given to Andy by John ‘The Brute’ Force while visiting the multi-time NHRA Funny Car champ’s Californian headquarters in 2004. It is thought that the belt came off one of John’s world beating Castrol sponsored Funny Cars. What a piece of drag racing history. Also comes with a letter of authentication.

Lot 7 – When The Light Turns Green Book by Tom Murphy

This complete guide to building and operating high-performance drag racing motorcycles includes information on building and maintaining the engine, fuel system, electrical system, and gearing, published in the 90s in softback format. If you’re into drag bikes then it’s worth a look!

Lot 8 – A Guide to Motorcycle Drag Racing book by Mike Nelson

Produced in the early 90s this soft back will teach you all the set up techniques to racing a competitive drag bike and much more. This book was written with the notion that many people were missing out on the fun of working on and experimenting with their motorcycles.

Lot 9 – Limited edition framed Allard Dragster Print signed by Nick Mason

This limited edition framed print of Sydney Allard’s dragster was the first commissioned print for the Allard Chrsyler Action Group restoration project that got artist Paul Whitehouse recognised in the sport of drag racing. Although the print isn’t of any particular image it does fit in with the 1963 SEMA Challenge 60 year celebrations with the chasing Mooneyes dragster of Dean Moon in the background and could almost have been inspired by one of the races that took place at RAF Debden that year. Certified and signed by Alan Allard the print is also signed by ACAG patron and former Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason.  This is print number 10 of 100 produced.

Lot 10 – Limited edition framed Pegasus print

This unique framed image of Pegasus is a digital composite made up from eight separate photographs blended together in Photoshop, and started life as a simple screensaver. This is #1 of a very limited print run; an everlasting memory of one of British drag racings iconic drag bikes from the team of BDRHoF members Derek Chinn & Ian Messenger.

Lot 11 – Jon Morton Print

Last year we lost our dear friend and BDRHoF member Jon Morton. Inspired from photographs taken by Jon Spoard and Callum Pudge this digital ‘cartoon’ image was created by Graham ‘Durbie’ Durbridge and commissioned by Dave Gibbons and Tony ‘Chunky’ Morris, and it’s thanks to their company – TMC with RDR Performance Carburetors– that we have this amazing image up for auction at this year’s Dragstalgia. In addition to the print, Graham has also added a hi-res file on to a memory stick of the Jon Morton cartoon for the successful bidder to use as they wish.

Lot 12 – Tee-Rat Painting

We are indebted to top British drag racing artist Paul Whitehouse for the donation of his original framed painting of BDRHoF member Dave Stone at the wheel of the legendary and iconic British altered ‘Tee-Rat’ captured in oils, and in full anger at Santa Pod in 1974 from a Donald Cross photo. Inspired by the Fuel Altered shows at Blackbushe and Santa Pod brought back memories for artist Paul of Shutdown, Sneaky T, Aardvark and or course Tee Rat in some of British drag racing’s most entertaining duals over the quarter mile, and you could have this painting on your wall at home by placing a bid in this year’s BDRHoF silent auction taking place at Dragstalgia on Saturday July 8th.

Lot 13 – Print of Colin Theobalds Camaro

Featuring Colin’s show winning Chevy Camaro ‘Bruce’ expertly captured by photographer Matt Woods, this image comes from a photo shoot and feature for American Car magazine, and measures 120cm wide by 60cm high. It looked good on Colin’s office wall so why wouldn’t it look good on yours?

Lot 14 – Signed Print of Steve Read’s Top Fuel Dragster

The last time BDRHoF member Steve ‘The Pom’ Read sat in a Top Fuel Dragster in anger was in 2014 and to commemorate this fact a limited edition poster of the RSR dragster captured in stunning night time action was produced and signed by multi British, European and Nordic champion, and you could own this poster by placing a bid.

Lot 15 – Ian King Racing Gulf Oil T Shirt, baseball hat and candle

From Europe’s number one Top Fuel Dragbike Team and sponsors Gulf Oils team principal and BDRHoF member Ian King is offering an exclusive team T Shirt featuring a 6 colour design of the 5 second machine ridden by Neil Midgley, a Gulf Oil baseball hat and a unique candle shaped like an oil can!

Lot 16 – 2 American Car Imports start line dress team shirts

Donated by multiple European & British Top Methanol Dragster Champion, and BDRHoF member Dave Wilson, these exclusive button pilot shirts were worn by the American Car Imports Racing crew during season’s 2003 and 2004 and were manufactured for the team by Phoenix Custom Apparel.

Lot 17 – Kid’s Venom Racing Fan pack & photo shoot

Join the big kids with this exclusive Venom Racing Fan Pack from team principal and driver Tony Betts. Pack comes with cartoon stickers, T-shirt, flag, hero card and the offer of a photo shoot sitting in the hot seat of Team Venom’s Nostalgia Funny Car.

Lot 18 – Undertaker Funny Car Team Hoodie & T Shirt

Standout from the rest of the pack by wearing the all new and professionally designed Undertaker Funny Car Team hoodie & T shirt at the drags courtesy of team owner and driver Steve Ashdown.

Lot 19 – Viveca Averstedt Top Fuel signed print

Captured at the hit of the throttle by trackside photographer Paul Duxbury in 1994, Sweden’s Viveca Averstedt launches the Valvoline Top Fuel Dragster to another fast paced run along Santa Pod’s hallowed tarmac surface. Print has been signed by Viveca.

Lot 20 – Shirley Muldowney Press Pack & 1981 NHRA poster

Racer Press Packs are collected all over the world! Now here’s your chance to own one from Shirley’s multi winning years as a professional NHRA Top Fuel drag racer racing under the stateside Pioneer Team banner. Pack comes with photos and detailed information sheets as well as a NHRA poster from 1981.

Lot 21 – Jndia Erbacher signed rod & piston

Want to own something that’s gone over 300 mph in 3 and a bit seconds! Well now’s your chance. Make it a conversation piece in your home with this piston and rod exclusively signed by European Top Fuel racer Jndia Erbacher – scorch marks and all.

Lot 22 – TV Tommy Ivo 32 Cylinder Showboat Revell model kit

British visitor Tommy Ivo has certainly raced and driven some fast vehicles in his time but nothing compares with the four engined dragster called Showboat. Drawing in crowds whereever the car ran in the early ‘60s it would smoke the whole quarter and some to much appreciation. Now you can build a scale model thanks to American manufacture Revell with this second issue 1/25th scale plastic kit.

Lot 23 – NHRA 60th Anniversary Press Pack

In 2019 the oldest and celebrated sanctioning body in American motor sports – National Hot Rod Association celebrated 60 years of drag racing heritage that you can read about in this special media press pack issued at every event on the NHRA trail in 2019.

Lot 24 – Liz Burn Autobiography ‘Drag Racing Through The Eyes of a Woman’ book

This is a humorous recollection of disasters and successes that Warwickshire, UK based drag racer Liz Burn encountered back in the 1970’s. Liz was one of just two women involved in Top Fuel drag racing, survived a 200 mph crash and came back to win the European Championship two years in a row while beating the men at their own game. And now you can read all about it in this 108 page soft back book with many unpublished photos.

Lot 25 – A Fuel Team Sweden T shirt

Sweden’s A Fuel Team consisting of Tony Bryntesson, Daniel Jedborn and Jonny Lagg are strong competitors in the FIA Top Methanol championship with their startling dragsters. This has now extended to an eye catching T shirt which the team have made available to us for you to own with the winning bid!

Lot 26 – Stranger Thing Kids T Shirt

From Britain’s newest Pro Modified on the scene is this kid’s sized T shirt featuring a graphic of David Smith’s ’55 Chevy BelAir doorslammer – Stranger Thing.

Lot 27 – VooDoo Hemi T Shirt

Look cool in this retro VooDoo Hemi Superbird Pro Modified T Shirt donated by team owner and driver Dutchman Mark  Harteveld.

Lot 28 – Kenny Bernstein signed & framed hero card

King Kenny was at the top of his game in both NHRA Funny Car and Top Fuel back in the 80s and 90s and more so behind the wheel of the Bud King 1997 Top Fuel Dragster earning him the title of the ‘King of Speed’, and this autographed hero card could be yours.

Lot 29 – Linda Vaughan signed & framed poster

If your names John then you could be a lucky fella by owning this signed poster of the first lady of motorsports – Miss Hurst Golden Shifter Linda Vaughan – it’s dedicated to John!

Lot 30 – NHRA 40th Anniversary multi signed and framed hero card

Some of the greatest names in drag racing have signed this piece of NHRA history. Racers like TV Tommy Ivo, Tom McEwen, Jeb Allen and James Warren and more have signed this card and it could be yours!

Lot 31 – Tommy Möller framed print

This fiery wheel’s up shot of Sweden’s Tommy Möller was captured in 2005 at Santa Pod. Tommy was at the wheel of Lorentzon & Moller Pennzoil Top Fuel Dragster which at the time was a state of the art American chassis from Doug Herbert Racing and was a regular visitor to the fours and 300 mph.

Lot 32 – Snake & Mongoose Funny Car Hot Wheels set

Back in the early seventies the Snake & Mongoose names were American drag racing most iconic and pioneering teams in term of sponsorship and in particular the Hot Wheels brand. Drivers Don Prudhomme and Tom McEwen were the star attractions at any drag strip and it’s legends like these that keep on rolling with this 1/64th scale re-released set from Hot Wheels of the Snake Barracuda and the Mongoose Duster. Fancy owning this iconic set! Place a bid at Dragstalgia.

Lot 33 – Ford Flathead Engines: How to Rebuild and Modify softback book (signed)

Although not the first V-8 engine ever produced, Henry Ford’s side-valve V-8, launched in 1932, certainly qualified as the first mass-produced V-8 sold to the public. Written and signed by veteran author Tony Thacker and flathead guru of H&H Flatheads, Mike Herman, it takes you step-by-step through the rebuilding of a vintage flathead. It all adds up to more than 500 colour photos and insider tips on building what could be called the most iconic engine ever built, the Ford flathead V-8.

Lot 34 – How To Build Affordable Hot Rods softback book (signed)

Written by author and lifelong hot rod aficionado Tony Thacker this book takes you through the process of building a hot rod on a budget. Drawing on his own extensive experience of both buying and building rods, Thacker explores the good, the bad and the ugly. When Henry Ford introduced his beloved Model T, he unwittingly gave the average person the means to go racing. More than 100 years after the original Model T, hot rodding remains alive and well in Australasia, Europe, and (of course) its birthplace the US.

Lot 35 – Bill Pitts Chasing Magic hardback book (signed)

Chasing Magic is a thrilling autobiography capturing Bill Pitts’ efforts to rekindle his teenage passion for 1960s drag racing. Wanting to pay homage to his heroes and get the flames cackling again, he purchased a forgotten front engine dragster and brought it back to its original glory. Little did he know that this wonderful adventure would not only kick start a new movement in the sport, but also help him to meet and become friends with his heroes. A wonderful book to enjoy, and it’s signed by Bill.

Lot 36 – Bill Pitts Chasing Magic hardback book (signed)

Chasing Magic is a thrilling autobiography capturing Bill Pitts’ efforts to rekindle his teenage passion for 1960s drag racing. Wanting to pay homage to his heroes and get the flames cackling again, he purchased a forgotten front engine dragster and brought it back to its original glory. Little did he know that this wonderful adventure would not only kick start a new movement in the sport, but also help him to meet and become friends with his heroes. A wonderful book to enjoy, and it’s signed by Bill.

Lot 37 – Ohio George Montgomery softback book (signed)

As a young man, George Montgomery lived for cars. He came of age in the classic era of the hot rod and fully immersed himself in the car culture. George took car building seriously and went on to become one of the pioneers of the sport of drag racing especially with the ground breaking Malco Gasser Mustang and his succession of Willy’s Coupes, one of which George brought over to race at the historic 1964 Drag Festivals.

Lot 38 – Hot Rod Magazine 75th Anniversary hardback book (signed)

Written by Drew Hardin HOT ROD Magazine celebrates 75 years of stunning content that has been created and published by the magazine’s staff in all or parts of nine decades. Witness how HOT ROD has been on scene with iconic photographs and articles detailing Dragsters, Roadsters, Slingshots, Funny Cars, Coupes, Customs, Lead Sleds, Muscle Cars, and their builders and owners. This is the definitive and officially licensed look back at that influence.

Lot 39 – SO-CAL Speed Shop tin sign

Unlike many tales, the story of the So-Cal Speed Shop is not one made up by some clever marketing types; it’s a true story of friendship, hot rods and the need for speed, and you could have a piece of this history on your workshop or office wall with this reproduction tin sign.

Lot 40 – 2022 El Mirage poster

El Mirage, one of the great lake courses in the world of land speed record breaking and you could own a piece of it with this colourful event poster (18” x 24”) designed by LSR racer Frank Silva. Last season’s event poster features the 7707 record setting Blown Fuel Roadster raced by speedy Brit Geoff Stillwell who has very kindly offered to sign the poster for the lucky bidder.

Lot 41 – Ed Pink Rod, Arias Piston & blower pulley from The Mob

Items like this always make great paperweights and wall ornaments so why not own an Ed Pink rod connected to an Arias piston and even an out-of-shape blower pulley as a conversation piece from the days of when The Mob altered ran methanol at Shakespeare County and Santa Pod Raceway’s.