BDRHoF Holds 2021 Dragstalgia Auction

British Drag Racing Hall of Fame: Dragstalgia Grand Auction & Sale of artworks, artefacts, memorabilia


Santa Pod Raceway

10 & 11 July 2021

The British Drag Racing Hall of Fame is pleased to announce a Dragstalgia Grand Auction & Sale of artworks, artefacts and memorabilia generously donated to the organisation to assist in the raising of essential funds. Separate silent auctions take place on Saturday and Sunday in the Hall of Fame marquee situated in the pits near the grandstand.

Each day’s auction will run from 10am to 4pm. Winning bids will be announced at 4.15pm with payments and collections due by 5pm.

Pride of place in Saturday’s auction must go to an original painting created and presented by the distinguished motorsport artist, Paul Whitehouse. Since Dragstalgia last took place in 2019 we have lost two of the sport’s significant individuals: Top Fuel and Funny Car legend Dennis Priddle died in May and Stu Bradbury, Founding Chairman of the Hall of Fame and formerly Chief Starter at Santa Pod, died a year ago this Dragstalgia weekend. Paul Whitehouse’s painting depicts one of Dennis’s most renowned entries, the John Woolfe Racing Monza Funny Car, guided back to the line by the figure of Stu.

Furthermore, Paul has donated 25 limited-edition prints of his recent ‘Gladiator’ painting, depicting Bootsie’s Vega-bodied Funny Car, for sale in the Hall of Fame marquee.

In addition, a rich array of memorabilia kindly provided by donors at home and in the United States will be available for auction and for sale. Items include models, prints, posters, books, t-shirts and engine components, many signed by stars such as Tommy Ivo, Art Chrisman, Don Prudhomme and ‘Rat Trap’ Ron Hope.

The Hall of Fame will be pleased to welcome visitors to view and place bids for auction items, and to buy sale items, from 10am each day.

The Dragstalgia Grand Auction takes place with the kind permission of Santa Pod Raceway.

The Hall of Fame is indebted to all who have so kindly donated

Terms and Conditions – Auction Rules

This auction is open to anyone over the age of 18.

  1.  By entering a bid you are agreeing to these rules.
  2.  We reserve the right to add or withdraw items without notice.
  3.  A bid qualifies providing all information entered on the bid sheet is legible.
  4.  The Auction is open for bids each day at 10am
  5.  The Auction will close each day at 4pm. Additional bids will not be accepted or valid after the closing time.
  6.  The highest qualifying bid at the closing time is the winning bid.
  7.  Winning bidders names will be announced in the BDRHoF marquee at 4.15pm against the lot number.
  8.  All lots must be paid for in full, to the value of the winning bid and collected by 5pm on the day of the auction.
  9.  Any lots left unclaimed or unpaid for will become the property of the BDRHoF and entered into future auctions.
  10.  All sales are final and no refunds or exchanges are offered.
  11.  All lots are sold as seen. Whilst the BDRHoF have made all reasonable endeavours to verify historical provenance and validity, the bidder accepts that the BDRHoF accept no responsibility or liability for inaccuracy of information presented by donors, their representatives or associates.
  12.  Each person bidding agrees to hold harmless the Organisers, its Officials, Directors and Volunteers from any liability arising directly or indirectly from the auction or the item purchased. The bidder assumes all risks and hazards.
  13.  In accordance with Data Protection Regulation, your name and telephone number may be held for 30 days from the date of the auction. Any data held will not be used pursuant to any purpose beyond legitimate purposes related to the auction and the activities of the BDRHoF. All personal data will subsequently be destroyed by means of shredding or electronic deletion as appropriate.