BDRHOF Benevolent Fund

BDRHoF Benevolent Fund

In March 2016 the BDRHoF Benevolent Fund was created as a registered charity, no 1167197 and is being run as a separate entity from the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame Ltd. The Fund is one of very few the Charity Commission has allowed the use of the word British in the title.

The BDRHOF Benevolent Fund was established and registered with the Charities Commission to create a professional fund-raising platform to support those connected with drag racing who have fallen on hard times. It also makes awards to organisations who provide services to the Drag Racing Community.

The BDRHOF Benevolent Fund is run for Drag Racers by trustees who have had many years’ experience in the sport. Trustees are: Nikki Marshall, Nigel Payne, Robin Jackson, Ian Messenger, Graham Beckwith, Ian Marshall and Phil Cottingham.

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