The Phelps Family

Without any doubt the Phelps family – Bob and his son Roy, along with Santa Pod’s administrator Eileen Cattley – had a huge impact on British drag racing. They were involved from its very early days of the Drag Fests but really only became main players with the opening of Santa Pod Raceway in 1966 […]

Philip Evans

Philip has a long record of service starting out as a racer in Sportsman, eventually becoming Chairman of the British Drag Racing Association, founder member of the SPRC Executive Committee, Chairman of the UK Technical Committee, Chairman of the Motorsport UK Speed Events Committee and the UK Delegate to the FIA Drag Racing Commission. In […]

Dennis Priddle

Dennis Priddle is one of the names which immediately springs to mind when you think of British drag racing’s past. Not only did he race Top Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars, he also built race cars and parts for other racers. His involvement with Drag racing started with a visit to the 1964 Drag Fests […]

John Ledster

John Ledster was a big man in every sense of the word. He was of course physically a big man, he was a big family man, he was big hearted and a big friend to many of us, especially in the world of motor sport, and particularly in the sport of drag racing. John first […]

Tony Densham

Tony Densham was involved in Drag Racing from the very early days racing in the 1963 Drag Fests in his 1500 ford dragster The Worden. In 1964 at RAF Kemble he ran a best of 11.32secs in the same car, he also continued to race the car at events on temporary tracks across Britain. With the […]

Roz Prior

Roz Prior’s first drive was the injected Rat powered slingshot “Age Machine” which husband Dave had bought from Bruce Brown in 1973 with the intention of driving it himself but at the August Blackbushe meeting he found the cockpit too small for him to comfortably drive and the following weekend at Santa Pod Roz was […]

Dennis Stone

Dennis Stone got hooked on Drag Racing after visiting the 1964 Dragfests at the insistance of his son Dave who had been reading Hot Rod Magazine and building model dragsters for some years. Dennis was involved in circuit racing at the time but the sight and spectacle of the American dragsters convinced him that drag […]

Clive Skilton

Clive began his drag racing career in 1967, and won the Street Eliminator class at the Santa Pod Big Go driving an E Type Jag. In 1968 Clive took over the driving of the Famous Allard dragster setting a new speed record of 163 mph at the Easter meeting. In 1969 Clive débuted a new […]

Allan Herridge

The legendary Bootsie whose image the Hall of Fame features and after whom the trophy is named. Allan built one of the UK’s first dragsters and in a long and glorious career proved that he could turn his hand to everything from managing a race track to driving race cars and building them before his […]