Ton Pels

The first Overseas member of the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame. The Godfather Ton Pels has been racing since 1970 and started on a variety of 250cc two-stroke bikes, soon changing to a 500cc Triumph on nitro. In 1977 he brought out a double-engined Triumph and this machine received the first-ever set of Puma […]

Sydney Allard

Sydney Allard was a Ford dealer who in the years before the Second World War produced his own ‘Allard Specials’ using the 1930s Ford Flathead V8 engine. The specials became a range of sports cars using Cadillac engines as well as Ford units and in these he had success in some extremely diverse motor racing […]

Nobby Hills

Nobby Hills has been involved in Drag Racing since the sport started in Europe in the 1960s. He was inspired to build his first car after having witnessed match races between Sydney Allard and Dante Duce in 1963. The first in a line of Houndog cars was introduced at the 1964 Drag Fest meetings. Nobby is primarily […]

Custom Car Magazine

Custom Car magazine was first published in March 1970 and to the drag racing deprived fans of the era was a breath of fresh air. With its generally irreverent and rebellious early style, it quickly took the opportunity to cover the recently established drag racing scene, with full reports from both the UK and US. Regular […]

John Hobbs

Following a couple of years watching sprinting events, John Hobbs’ racing career began in 1966 at a sprint, where he rode a home built 500cc Triumph. He also competed at the first drag bike event held at the newly opened Santa Pod Raceway. Although this first bike, built with his friend Jonathan Braund, was not […]