Karsten Andersen & Per Andersen

On a trip from Denmark to Mantorp Park in the late 1980s, fellow Car Club members Karsten Andersen and Per Andersen noticed a Comp Eliminator dragster for sale. The rest is history. After alternating drives in the Comp Dragster Karsten and Per were invited to join the Top Fuel team of fellow Dane Jens Nybo. […]

John and Lesley Wright

John and Lesley Wright have substantially influenced the direction of drag racing in the UK. In 1985, after racing a series of cars since 1973, John commenced his involvement with the sport’s organisational side. As Chairman of the Midland Drag Racing Association he helped overhaul the safety rules, race licence procedures and the introduction of […]

Steve Woollatt

Steve has successfully raced in the top tier of Drag Bike Racing for some 30 years – so far. After going along with friends to watch the racing, he started out himself back in 1976, when he first had a go on track at a RWYB event, riding a Z1 Kawasaki, which ran low 12s […]

Lawrie Gatehouse

For over half a century Lawrie Gatehouse has contributed much to drag racing in the UK. His story started with sprinting a Triumph Bonneville, however things changed after his first contact with drag racing at the Blackbushe DragFest meeting in 1964. He had learned of the American racers coming over and was ‘amazed and dumbfounded’ […]

Pip Higham

Pip Higham’s first introduction to Drag Racing was in 1964 when a round of the ‘International Dragfest’ took place at Woodvale. After crewing for Fred Whittle of ‘Shutdown’ competition altered fame at early UK drag races he switched to two wheels and in the early 1970s was competing as a rider with a selection of […]

Stuart Bradbury

Few personalities in British drag racing are as well-known and respected as Stu Bradbury. For years he served as Chief Starter at Santa Pod Raceway and subsequently became Founding Chairman of the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame, which has since achieved international acclaim. He discovered drag racing in 1964, not at one of Sydney […]