Steve Horn

Steve Horn first entered Santa Pod Raceway courtesy of his Dad’s friendship with one of the gate staff back in the early ‘70’s. He’d just started an apprenticeship in Electronic Engineering at RAE Bedford and soon became known for helping to fix various track equipment, which he saw as pay back for the free entry […]

The Cookson Family

Gerry Cookson first became aware of drag racing when his brother in law David bought Hot Rod Magazine and showed it to him in the early 1960s. They, and Gerry’s wife Joan and son Jeremy, travelled together from their home in Sutton Coldfield to the 1965 Dragfest. Enthused by the spectacle they saw, Gerry decided […]

Peter Lantz

Peter Lantz Racing fired a shot heard around Europe on 16th August 1997 when Kent Persson drove the PLR Top Fuel Dragster to Europe’s first-ever four-second pass, a 4.987/472.87 kmh (293.83 mph) at the NitrOlympX at Hockenheim. Although rightly remembered as a crowning moment, it was one of many achievements in Peter’s career. Peter Lantz’s […]

Andy Robinson

Andy Robinson is the MSA British Drag Racing Champion six times over. That distinction alone might warrant his induction into the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame, but it is only part of the story of the UK’s long-serving ‘Mr. Pro Mod’. The MSA Championship class since 2007, Pro Modified had emerged in Britain in […]

Team Pegasus

When one considers which were the iconic machines during the history of Drag Bike racing in Europe, one of the names to achieve legendary status is that of Pegasus. The name is synonymous with the show and go aspect of the sport, as one of the first show quality machines to grace the strips. Team […]