Dennis “Stormin” Norman

One of the true characters of British Drag Bike racing, Dennis originally started Sprinting back at the start of the 1960s, before moving on to the new world of Drag Racing. Being older than most of his fellow competitors, Dennis’s natural riding skills were put to good use at the end of WW2 as a […]

Tony Murray

The name Tony Murray crops up regularly in the history of drag racing in the North of England. Starting with the development of the Crosland Moor drag strip in the mid-1970s he remained a leading PDRC organiser until his untimely death in 1992. Whether it was digging holes for Armco barriers or acting as Clerk […]

Terry Gibbs

In 1973 Terry Gibbs bought a 1967 Chevy Corvette Roadster. This started a love affair with the American car scene, which his family still share today. But it was in 1976 that he purchased a 1969 Camaro, which was to be the first of many Camaros that would pass through his hands including ‘Black Magic’ […]

Brian Sparrow

Early drag racers will know the name Brian Sparrow, even though it may not be familiar to those who are relatively new to the sport. Through his efforts, Brian can rightly be regarded as one of the founding fathers of drag racing in this country. He is a true motor sport enthusiast in the broadest […]

Harold Bull

“King” Harold Bull was first introduced to Drag Racing at the 1964 International Drag Festivals and returned home full of ideas to build a scaled down version of the American Dragsters he had seen using British components. Easter 1965 saw Harold’s ideas take shape as he begun construction of a slingshot dragster called “Stripduster” using […]

Peter & Erica Bartlett

Peter Bartlett’s part in British Drag Racing History goes back to the very beginings when he was a member of the “Highwaymen Hot Rod Club” along with Allan Herridge and joined the British Hot Rod Association when it was formed in 1960. At the BHRA’s first get together in 1962 he turned up in his […]

John Bennett

John Bennett joined the British Hot Rod Association in August 1962 and the following month turned up at the BHRA’s first get together with the most radically customised vehicle of the meet, a 1954 Austin A70 pick-up fitted with a Ford Zephyr grille, twin headlamps and reshaped metalwork all carried out at his Spa Engineering […]

Dave Grady

There can have been few people who have generated so much enthusiasm, or given the opportunity to so many to involve themselves in drag racing during his time in the sport. Dave Grady had such an infectious enthusiasm for participating in, organising and promoting drag racing that it was impossible not to be swept along […]

Sammy Miller

The legendary rocket drag racer Sammy Miller raced Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars before switching to rockets in 1974. Tony Fox, the owner of Pollution Packer asked Sammy to test in the winter of 1974-75. On only his second pass he hit 348 mph which officials refused to announce. After driving others’ rockets in 1975 he built […]

Ton Pels

The first Overseas member of the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame. The Godfather Ton Pels has been racing since 1970 and started on a variety of 250cc two-stroke bikes, soon changing to a 500cc Triumph on nitro. In 1977 he brought out a double-engined Triumph and this machine received the first-ever set of Puma […]