Ian King

Ian King is a record-breaking, multiple European Drag Racing champion. Ian has won twelve FIM European Championships – 10 as rider, two as Team Principal – plus two ACU British and one MCUI Irish Championships and has broken various track records and an FIM World Land Speed Record. He is the eighth member of the […]

Nick Davies

It was youthful spectator visits to the Dragstrip that would spur on the engineer and businessman Nick Davies to distinguished participation and intercontinental success. Passive attendance became active involvement with a 1993 foray into Super Gas, followed by a step up to Pro Modified two years later. If his association with doorslammers has defined his […]

Jeff Byne

Jeff’s Drag Bike career began in late 1970, with a 650 Triumph. It was not long before he started modifying it, adding a supercharger help move him up the ranks. The name “Hurricane” became a familiar one on the strips; and by September 1972 he had dipped into the 9 second zone on a modest […]

Anita Mäkelä

Anita spent one summer in Ohio State, USA when she was 16 years old and after that she was a huge fan of American cars, her first one being a Pontiac Trans Am. That brought American Car Shows, Cruising evenings and Drag Racing into her life and at one Street race the fastest lady got […]

Wild Bunch

The idea for UK drag racing’s Wild Bunch first saw the light of day in 1994. After many years competing separately at hot rod events, nostalgia enthusiasts Roy Wilding and John Guthrie both had visions in forming a class to cater for those slingshot dragsters and competition altered owners who were racing for fun on […]

Can anyone imagine a Drag Racing world without the presence of It is in the nature of institutions that they are taken for granted – the very word ‘institution’ implies an immutable foundation built on rock. Yet confounds that perception. It is an institution that hangs by a thread, existing solely on the […]

Ian Lloyd

Ian was always a car enthusiast, superbly turned out, highly engineered fast cars were his passion. His first project, which took over ten years to complete, was the restoration and rebuilding of a Mk 1 Ford Zodiac. Sporting a finely tuned 6-cylinder motor, finished in red and running on wire wheels, it was quite a […]

Steve Horn

Steve Horn first entered Santa Pod Raceway courtesy of his Dad’s friendship with one of the gate staff back in the early ‘70’s. He’d just started an apprenticeship in Electronic Engineering at RAE Bedford and soon became known for helping to fix various track equipment, which he saw as pay back for the free entry […]

The Cookson Family

Gerry Cookson first became aware of drag racing when his brother in law David bought Hot Rod Magazine and showed it to him in the early 1960s. They, and Gerry’s wife Joan and son Jeremy, travelled together from their home in Sutton Coldfield to the 1965 Dragfest. Enthused by the spectacle they saw, Gerry decided […]

Peter Lantz

Peter Lantz Racing fired a shot heard around Europe on 16th August 1997 when Kent Persson drove the PLR Top Fuel Dragster to Europe’s first-ever four-second pass, a 4.987/472.87 kmh (293.83 mph) at the NitrOlympX at Hockenheim. Although rightly remembered as a crowning moment, it was one of many achievements in Peter’s career. Peter Lantz’s […]