Colin Theobald’s ‘Bruce’ Promotes BDRHoF Benevolent Fund

Santa Pod Raceway’s commentator and BDRHoF Benevolent Fund Honorary advisor Colin Theobald has announced on Facebook about his ongoing build up to taking part in Street Weekend 2024. Colin says:

You’ve all probably seen my ongoing build up to taking part in Street Weekend 2024, now it’s time to reveal why so much effort and planning has taken place. ‘Bruce’, or for those that don’t know his name….my Camaro has just been through the workshops at Williams Bros. Racing for a service and full check over. No issues whatsoever so on to the challenge of having a trailer for the event. I found a little 5’ x 3’ trailer for sale literally half a mile from my house which was perfect. Used it for a model car event but the thought was how can we get a tow bar onto the Camaro. The Williams Bros had a good look and realised it was a hell of a job, doable but very tricky. We discovered images on social media of Camaros with tow hitches on, very unusual design as on these cars the rear number plate hides the fuel filler flap!!!

This is where the unbelievable happened. Michael Smith or ‘Mick the Fish’ as most know him offered me an original 1st gen tow hitch that he had in his possession here in the U.K. Mick, I cannot thank you enough for your generosity and to be honest without your help this wouldn’t be happening. 

Back to the Williams Bros workshops to install the tow hitch, couple of slight modifications and it’s on. Looks odd but who cares, it’s ridiculously strong and will do the job perfectly. Next issue was the trailer itself as the towing angle was way out but again, the team at WBR welded a new front frame to the trailer to allow it to be towed and a sensible angle. Once again, cheers guys, simply the best team out there. 

Whilst all this was going on the graphics for the car and trailer were measured up and thanks to Pete Franklin for suppling all of these in such a short space of time. Graphics all applied so onto the final issue to overcome which was the tow bar electrics. Usually this would be straight forward but with American cars and European trailer boards not so easy. Another big thank you to Mick Checkett for sorting the wiring, Pete Kellett for donating the connector and Paul Morton who came to the rescue with a new relay as the original 55 year old one in the car just couldn’t handle the indicators on the trailer. 

So we are now ready, but how to launch the charity fund raiser for this year. Street Weekend is nearly upon us and a couple of months ago the easy decision was made to support the BDRHoF Benevolent Fund to raise awareness of this fabulous registered charity that really does look after the Drag Racing community. Follow the link to the page to find out more.

One of the items on my bucket list was to perform a trailer burnout and with the car and trailer all done the test day for the Main Event would be the perfect opportunity to carry this out, especially as the racers are not allowed to do these during Street Weekend. Signed on, into the lanes much to the bemusement of everyone and into the burnout box. The pictures and video tell the story.

Follow the link here to see the BDRHoF Benevolent Fund, the just giving page will be set up very soon but you can donate directly into the charities bank account, just message me for details as I don’t want to post the account number here. 


In March 2016 the BDRHoF Benevolent Fund was created as a registered charity, no 1167197 and is being run as a separate entity from the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame Ltd. The Fund is one of very few the Charity Commission has allowed the use of the word British in the title.

The BDRHOF Benevolent Fund was established and registered with the Charities Commission to create a professional fund-raising platform to support those connected with drag racing who have fallen on hard times. It also makes awards to organisations who provide services to the Drag Racing Community.

The BDRHOF Benevolent Fund is run for Drag Racers by trustees who have had many years’ experience in the sport. Trustees are: Nikki Marshall, Nigel Payne, Robin Jackson, Ian Messenger, Graham Beckwith, Ian Marshall and Phil Cottingham.