Custom Car Magazine

Custom Car magazine was first published in March 1970 and to the drag racing deprived fans of the era was a breath of fresh air. With its generally irreverent and rebellious early style, it quickly took the opportunity to cover the recently established drag racing scene, with full reports from both the UK and US. Regular features on cars of the era were included along with news and rumours not to mention the magazine’s own cartoon superhero, Super CC.

The Custom Car shows at Crystal Palace and Alexandra Palace took place, starting in 1972, for over ten years. Custom Car magazine’s support for our sport over the years has remained undiminished and in recent years has expanded to sponsorship of events and class sponsorship. Under current editor Dave Biggadyke it has had a new lease of life with even more drag racing coverage and support promised for 2007. Importantly, Custom Carmagazine has been the only UK drag racing-related periodical to appear consistently on the high street for over thirty five years.