HoF and BenFund Announce Personnel Changes

Personnel changes have taken place at both British Drag Racing Hall of Fame Limited and the BDRHOF Benevolent Fund.

Simon Groves has relinquished the formal duties he had undertaken on behalf of both organisations and has resigned as a trustee of the Benevolent Fund. The Hall of Fame’s directors and the Benevolent Fund’s trustees are indebted to Simon for the essential services he has rendered. Simon set up the Hall of Fame as a limited company and established the Benevolent Fund as a registered charity and thereafter prepared and presented the accounts of both organisations to their respective official authorities.

We are delighted to welcome Michael Dowdy who has kindly agreed to serve as the Hall of Fame’s Company Secretary.

The British Drag Racing Hall Of Fame Benevolent Fund has appointed two new trustees. The Benevolent Fund is registered with the Charities Commission to create a professional fund-raising platform within the drag racing community to support those connected with the sport who have fallen on hard times and to make awards to organisations which provide vital services to the community – From the Drag Racing Community, for the Drag Racing Community’.

Nikki Marshall is appointed a trustee and has kindly agreed to co-ordinate the Benevolent Fund’s activities to help increase its profile within the community. Nikki may be contacted for Benevolent Fund purposes at

Nigel Payne has also kindly agreed to serve as a Benevolent Fund trustee.


Current personnel:

Directors: Lesley Wright (Hon. Chair), Bev Bradbury, Jerry Cookson, Phil Cottingham, Robin Jackson.

Company secretary: Michael Dowdy.

Honorary advisers: Philip Evans, Keith Lee, Nikki Marshall, Ian Messenger, Julian Parsons, Nigel Payne, Nick Pettitt, Tony Thacker, Colin Theobald.

Selectors: Keith Bartlett, Graham Beckwith, Frank Brachtvogel, Jerry Cookson, Phil Cottingham, Philip Evans, Robin Jackson, Keith Lee, Ian Marshall, Ian Messenger, Darren Prentice, Lesley Wright.


Trustees: Graham Beckwith, Phil Cottingham, Robin Jackson, Ian Marshall, Nikki Marshall, Ian Messenger, Nigel Payne.

The Hall of Fame’s directors, advisers and selectors and the Benevolent Fund’s trustees all serve in a voluntary capacity, pro bono.