HOFTalk 11

The Spring 2021 edition of HOFTalk, the magazine of the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame, has been published by compiler, UK Nostalgia enthusiast, and BDRHoF director Jerry Cookson.

This latest issue was finalised before the recent sad news of the death of Dennis Priddle. The next edition will be a Dennis Priddle Tribute issue, dedicated to his tremendous contribution to British Drag Racing.

In it, you can read about activities of BDRHoF members, tributes to those members who have passed away, and a retrospective look at the  2009 BDRHoF inductee presentations.

There is an article by Tony Thacker on Merek Chertkow who as a 19-year-old driver of the Moonshot AA/FD, visited Britain’s Drag Fest in 1965, and an interview by Eurodragster editor Simon Groves with South African fuel dragster pioneer Arthur Christy who made the long journey to compete at Santa Pod Raceway’s 1971 International Meeting.

There is also a new feature on drag racing collectibles, Collectors’ Corner, which features models of several iconic British Drag Racing vehicles.