The British Drag Racing Hall of Fame has published the fourth issue of its on-line magazine HOFtalk which is designed to facilitate communications with members and supporters of the BDRHoF and which is edited by Simon Groves, member of BDRHoF Ltd’s Board and ‘s own Pit Reporter.

“Congratulations to all the inductees for 2017 on their huge achievements in the sport in the UK. We will be thrilled to see them at our Gala Dinner on 18th November at the Oatlands Park Hotel.

We are also very excited to announce Steve Gibbs as recipient of the Lucas Oils Global Achievement Award for 2017. Steve has had a large influence on the sport’s development in many areas, and he is going to be celebrated by many fantastic US stars who will also be attending.

The Oatlands Park Hotel is a great venue, close to Brooklands and Mercedes Benz World and the Gala weekend of 18th November should be in your calendar..” Click here for details of 2017 British Drag Racing Hall of Fame Gala Awards Dinner.