Roz Prior

Roz Prior’s first drive was the injected Rat powered slingshot “Age Machine” which husband Dave had bought from Bruce Brown in 1973 with the intention of driving it himself but at the August Blackbushe meeting he found the cockpit too small for him to comfortably drive and the following weekend at Santa Pod Roz was in place behind the butterfly. 

She put down an impressive 10.8 at 132m.p.h. first time out and by the end of the day had recorded a 10.21 and was an instant crowd favorite. By the October meeting at the Pod she was running mid 9’s at 155m.p.h. and had the other drivers quivering in their fire proof boots when she took Top Dragster Eliminator shutting down the likes of Tony Anderson and Ray Hoare. 1974 saw Roz back out in “Age Machine” and some exciting duels with “Hemi Hunter” another injected Rat slingshot run by Gerry Andrews.

At the Big Go they met in the final where Roz shaved the green to perfection and won with a slower 8.48/157m.p.h. to Gerry’s 8.29/177m.p.h. Roz wanted to go faster and later in ’74 she moved up to Top Fuel with the purchase of Dennis Priddles “Mr Six” 392 Hemi powered slingshot fueller. It was re-named “Fast Lady” and by the end of the year Roz had run a 7.23 and a new strip speed record at Snetterton with a 208m.p.h. blast.

Roz got some backing from Revell Model Kits in 1975 and she was now known as Miss Revell. At Snetterton in May Roz ran her first six with a 6.98/213m.p.h. run. 1977 saw the ageing slingshot replaced by a new rear-engined Top Fuel Dragster called “Maneater” and powered by a 426 Hemi. At the ’77 Big Go Roz was #1 qualifier and went on to take the Eliminator win. A Milodon Hemi motor was fitted in 1978 and Roz recorded a best of 6.42 seconds which stood as the ET record for a British female driver for 20 years.