Right from the start Straightliners have offered a
‘stepping-stones’ approach for new riders and drivers into the sport of Drag Racing and the driving force behind this organisation has been Trevor Duckworth. As a competitor, Trevor rode various motorcycles at events over the past 50 years, winning many club and national championships and breaking many FIM World Records. He has always endeavoured to find a way to help and encourage those wishing to start out in Drag Racing.

Born from the Streetfighters magazine class of motorcycle in the mid-1990s, Straightliners rose to prominence in the early 2000s where a much broader spectrum of fast race and street bikes was beginning to emerge and to take part in competitions over the quarter-mile.

The organisation has helped to bring public recognition in series which include Superstreet Bike, Ultimate Street Bike and Streetfighters, as well as American Super Street. Under Trevor’s guidance they have been very successful in running safe grass-roots motorsports events. Straightliners have also pioneered ‘Ten of the Best’ in which fast modified Japanese and European cars can take part in drag racing, as well as developing a handling course at Yorkshire’s ‘home of speed’, Elvington Aerodrome.

It may be a junior racer on their first powered bike or a more mature rider who wishes to test themself on their road bike in a safe racing environment. Straightliners events are also where the legends of the sport and their classic machinery can keep competing.

Although the organisation has recently found a permanent home at Melbourne, this has not stopped them continuing to stage events at numerous temporary tracks which have included Esholt Park, Smeatharpe, Campbeltown, Llanbedr, Dishforth, Woodbridge, North Weald, Waterbeach, Sandtoft, Sculthorpe, East Kirby, Perranporth and Kirkbride on the UK mainland; Jurby and the world-famous Ramsey Sprint, both on the Isle of Man; while in Northern Ireland, Enniskillen, Bishops Court and Abbeyshrule have come under the Straightliners banner. Straightliners also run several Top Speed events a year at Elvington including the week-long World Records Speed Week and the annual Speed Show which starts the season off in February.  

The Straightliners events have encouraged newcomers, particularly on bikes but on four wheels as well, to start in Drag Racing. The riders and drivers are enthused to stay within the sport with many going on to compete successfully in class racing. A few have even made their journey to the top class – in the Bike scene.

Straightliners have developed a ‘family’ of supporters and, when not racing, many have returned to help develop the facility at Melbourne. Through well-supported crowd funding they have been able to resurface the track and much of the pit area, build spectator seating and bring about all that is required for safe public access alongside facilities for the social aspects of the sport.

It is for their continuing dedication to encourage newcomers to the sport of Drag Racing with events across multiple venues that Straightliners are inducted into Membership of the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame.

Profile edited by the BDRHoF

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