VP Racing Announce Contingency Scheme.

WilliamBrosRacing Nic Williams has announced that VP Racing Lubricants are delighted to offer all UK. drag racers a fantastic opportunity to join their new contingency scheme. This scheme is available to car and bike racers and applies to National Championship classes and also to SPRC club classes or lifestyle championships that do not have a National Championship class.

Buying a case of 12 quarts of oil automatically qualifies you for the scheme with proof of purchase and fi you are the highest placed contingency participant at any event in your class throughout the year will win the same case of oil as purchased along with a £25 VP Racing voucher redeemable through Williams Bros Racing who are the official importer and distributor of VP Racing Lubricants.

In the event of a tie at the race meeting the prize will be awarded to the higher placed racer in qualifying. For the scheme to be activated at each event a minimum of 3 participants are required to compete in that class. At the end of the season the highest placed rider/driver in each class will win an additional £50 VP Racing voucher and any racer in the scheme that goes on to win their respective championship will receive a £100 voucher and a case of oil. With regards to racers double classing at any event you wil only be eligible to win the contingency prize ni one class unless 2 cases of oil are purchased to cover double classing.

The sooner you join the scheme the sooner you can start winning, you wil be required to carry VP Racing decals on your car or bike without any overlapping of any other decals and share your success on your social media platforms and would require images of you and your team with the
logos for our Facebook, Twitter and other marketing outlets.

VP Racing Lubricants are available from Webster Race Engineering, Topspeed Automotive, Opie Oils, Demon Tweakes and more or contact Williams Bros Racing for your nearest retailer.

For further information and to register for the scheme contact Nic Williams at or call on UK mobile number 07572096920.